What is a Fellow?

If you’re a quality professional looking to develop your career in the industry, a Fellow track may be something worth exploring.

Fellow status dates back to the beginnings of ASQ in 1946. “In fact, Walter Shewhart was the first Fellowship Examining Committee Chair. Currently, ASQ has 600 Fellows active in the Society.” Section 1508 has three.

Two senior member peers nominate an ASQ Fellow. Nominated individuals must meet the following requirements:

• Senior Member for at least 5 years.
• Demonstrates 15 years of experience in quality related positions.
• Has met the requirement of 28 points in the applicable areas.
    Technical Competence
    Occupational Responsibility
    ASQ Activities
    Professional Affiliations (Other than ASQ)
    Teaching or Consulting

Additional information regarding criteria can be found here.

The nomination application can be found here.

Benefits include:

• Peer recognition
• Networking opportunities
• New levels of ASQ involvement

The deadline to submit supporting paperwork is May 1st.

For more information, ASQ offers the following article for $10:

So You’d Like to Be An ASQ Fellow!

If you’re interested in speaking with a local Fellow, contact us:

Jennifer Stepniowski
Education Chair, Section 1508
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